Thursday, January 7, 2010

A DIY to satisfy any aspiring percussionist

This is a DIY blog. Now, you may be asking, "Casey, what are you going to make with bottle caps, a hammer and a beer bottle?" was all Duane's idea, I promise.

Duane got this great idea to make a bottle cap shaker instrument from a german percussionist, Roland Peil. He started with 200 bottle caps which he purchased off ebay. He used the old beer bottle to serve as a platform to nail a hole in each bottle cap. Talk about tedious, but he was very determined :)

I couldn't help at this point (but I did offer), because there was only one old beer bottle in the recycling. But, I did catch somebody napping, even with all the hammering going on downstairs.

Then I was able to help with the stringing process. He used fishing line cut into about yard-length strands and threaded the bottle caps on (about seven per line) with knots in between each cap.

When I was done threading a line, he took over, attaching the line to a rope and then using the left-over line to attach more bottle caps to the opposite side. Below you can see the final product! The whole project took about 3 hours of work (including the trip to walmart for the fishing line) and it cost about 15 dollars to make ($13 for the bottle caps and $2 for the fishing line, the rope he already had)

Lucky him, he's so happy with his new instrument.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My life has gone to the dog

Oh Sophie darling..You have taken over my life. And Duane's. (I'm not sure Duane is quite as happy about it.)

You make yourself look so cute and innocent. I wouldn't hurt a fly momma. (Yes, I often say out loud what I think Sophie is trying to say to me)
How could anyone say no to that face? Trust me, its hard when she's this cute, but it gets a lot easier when she is peeing on the floor or chewing up you clothes or your hand.
What are we going to do with you? Sophie you have officially taken over my room too. I might go crazy living in such a small space with a rapidly growing furry creature. At least (crossing my fingers) you're starting to learn how to entertain yourself.
But I guess you are part of the family now.