Monday, June 9, 2014

My husband, the Rock Star

So for those of you who aren't aware, my wonderful and amazing hubby Duane is a percussionist. (For all the non-music people out there, he plays a variety of drums, various shakers/noise makers (tinker toys hehe), and mallet instruments as well.) He was trained in the art of classical percussion at Georgia Southern University, and also has taken private lessons for tabla, frame drum, and other non-traditional forms of percussion. Prefaced with that information, I have two huge blessings to share today. 

First, Duane got his very first endorsement!! He is now an endorser of Heartbeat Percussion. Be on the lookout for his picture/bio on the Heartbeat website under "artists."
So he just got outfitted with a bunch of super-shiney-fancy new cymbals with a fancy pants artist discount. Can you say proud wife? I'm so happy for him. I also have to give a shout out to our amazing friend Cory Shuman (Tell Scarlett) who was instrumental in helping Duane get this endorsement. Without his encouragement and connections that he had already made, it would've been a different story.
See there, that is Tell Scarlett (Cory is the middle guy). Check out there Facebook page for all their info. They are an awesome group based in Savannah, GA.
So, back to the blessings. I did say that there were two so I hope you guys were paying attention. Duane has these two amazing friends, Rae and Jonathan. He plays for Rae Hering on the regular, gigs, rehersals, the works. Jonathan works at Pearl, and if you are a drummer, Pearl is the dream. In fact, Pearl manufactured Duane's very first drum set. I digress. Anywho, Pearl is in the process of  releasing/promoting a new line -The HipKit- and Jonathan was kind enough to bring a drum for Duane to try out and just happened to record him playing it. Next thing we know, the guy who came up with the HipKit idea and is working to promote it wants to meet with Duane. After the first meeting, we were both unsure of what was going on, but we knew that Duane would be doing a few short videos to be posted on the Pearl website to help demonstrate and promote their new drum! That would've been more than enough, but its not all. We then found out that they wanted to make him a. Pearl. Artist.        
WHAT!!? It's still unbelievable. God is amazing. I know neither of us saw this coming!

P.S. -I couldn't get the blog-o just right, but any italicized words = links to the website or Facebook for easy access.