Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Circle Circle Dot Dot

So, the frisbee tournament at Georgia Southern was absolutely awesome. Although we might not have come out with the best record at the end of the weekend, it was so much fun and I felt awesome because I tried really hard and had some awesome moments. We all did. I can't wait for future tournaments when we know each others capabilities and tendencies better. I totally love this team. Unlike some of the other teams, everyone is pretty chill and there isn't a lot of bad language. Its a really fun, uplifting environment and I just wish I had more time to spend with them.

Stovie, Kim, and Mandy


These are just a few of the shots taken throughout the weekend. The rest can be seen on Facebook.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Just wanted to touch base with everyone and let ya'll know I'm still here, just super swamped with school and such. Hopefully either Friday or next week I'll grab a free minute to blog.

Frisbee Tournament this weekend!! If you are close to Statesboro, GA, come on down to watch some awesome club frisbee with teams from all over the south east.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Man I love

I know its corny, mushy and overdone, but I could not write a blog about my life and simply forget to mention someone so influential and wonderful (besides God and my family of course) in my life, thus far. He's my best friend and I love him.

<---If you were not aware, the very rugged and sexy climber in that picture is Duane :)

Duane and I have known each other since about eighth grade. I could not pinpoint an exact day or time that we met, probably in band class though. Who would have thought that eight years later we would be coming up on our 4 year anniversary? It is exactly one month from today on November 11th. I remember our first date pretty well :) and I want to share it now in order to prepare myself for the big 4 years (thats 48 months, approximately 192 weeks, and about 1640 days).
(please accompany me on my trip down memory lane)
So the date. After some recent soul searching, brought on by major jealousy mind you, I realized that I still had feelings for Duane (we dated freshman year too). I had put it off during all of high school because I thought that since we broke up before, we were never going to work. So I realized that I could not let this other girl have him. It was one of those "I don't even know you, but I know I don't like you" kinda moments because he was, of course, suppose to be with me. I had to do something, and soon.

I finally, kinda-sorta, worked up some courage and told Duane, "I have a secret to tell you" Wow..talk about romantic and awesomely amazing. So because I was soo darn nervous, I actually lead him on for like a day and a half, finally breaking down and telling him that I liked him and making a quick exit because the bell had rung for class. What would he do with that information? I had no earthly clue, but at least I wouldn't have to deal with it for the rest of the school day and the ball was in his court now.

(By the way, this is Duane and I, In high school :)

-Duane should fill in here, with his part of the story.

So, I think I was in a daze from the buildup of hormones and adrenaline with my heartfelt confession, because I don't really remember the details of Duane asking me out. All I know is we had a date for Friday. So I can't remember what I wore or how my hair and makeup looked that night, but I remember that dinner had that awkward first date feeling. It was more difficult than I date with someone you don't really know because we already knew all the general "get to know you" information. So, as we sat in the Pizza Joint enjoying a slice, there were periods of awkward silence and the conversation probably wasn't all that great cause I can't remember what we talked about (must have been the nerves). Then Duane drove us down to River walk for sunset and a romantic walk along the river. (So I know the savannah river is stinky and dirty, but when in Augusta, thats how we roll). I remember Duane grabbing my hand as we strolled, and my heart jumped and I blushed. Then we met a hobo in timberlands and a button down shirt. That killed the romantic moment as he called us brothers and asked for some cash. Oh it was really a night to remember. Towards the end, our pace slowed, and Duane shared how he felt about me (insert Duane's interpretation) and asked me to be his girlfriend. Aww, high school love at its best. I said yes, of course, and we shared a kiss that was short and sweet, but left me feeling all tingly inside. And now, 4 years later his kisses still make me feel like i'm floating and it feels like sparklers are going off in my insides. And I remember the hobo.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Haunting Me

This is quite odd, however, I'm going to share anyway. I have this picture in my head of a young woman. I recognize her from something but I have absolutely no idea where I would know this face from. And I'm sure your saying "well Casey, that happens to me all the time. It will eventually come to you." Right? Thats exactly what I thought, but that was about 4 days ago. This image of this young woman is still lingering in my thoughts and on my heart. I will describe her to you so you can get a mental picture too.

Dirty blond, medium length hair that is put up in a loose ponytail. Fair complexion. Sweet smile. And a thin, light blue scarf bundled up close to her face. I image she has a semi-mousy voice, but I truly don't know. Thats all I have.

I like the idea that God is impressing upon my heart to pray for this woman, and I have been, but for what, I don't know.We will see how this ends up.

Anyways, this was a short post. I want to write more about my spiritual journey (which has been awesome for the whole 3 days), but I'm busy and its been hard to think of anything but this girl.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Crazy Love

So, today I finally bit the bullet and sat down to reread "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. (I've tried to read it before but it is so true to my life that its like a kick in the gut and a reality check for how I am lacking). I have spent too much time wallowing in my own guilt and mediocrity instead of running full speed towards the amazing life and love that Christ offers. How I currently feel about my relationship with Christ is worded perfectly by Francis Chan in the preface for this book.
"I called myself a christian, was pretty involved in church, and tried to stay away from all the things that 'good christians' avoid - drinking, drugs, sex, swearing. Christianity was simple: fight your desires in order to please God. Whenever I failed (which was often), I'd walk around feeling guilty and distant from God."
It truly hurts me to admit my faults and failures to others, but to say that I really don't stumble is a flat out lie. I fear judgement just as much as everyone else, so it is hard for me to say that that is how I feel about my life. But it is SOO easy to say that I do not want to carry on in that way anymore. Why just scrape by when I could have something awesome and amazing that God is holding out to me. Instead of pretending to be some "perfect little christian," maybe I should just be real and honest with people so I can have more meaningful relationships. I can see the light and goodness of God all around me already, blessing me because of the changes that I am going to at least try.
"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse." Romans 1:20
I don't want to live my life in a way that I am missing the beauty and wonder of God all around me. The magnificent creation he has given to us is life in a beautiful place. I know I'm going to fail miserably and have to start over again and again, but what else could be more worth it? We have to intentionally and consistently remind ourselves of who God is in order to desire a relationship with him. When I falter, I know its time that I remind myself again.

I hope that I wasn't too scattered or rambled too much. And I hope that whoever reads this will receive it with an open heart to hear what the Lord has in store for them. I am trying to take what I read and apply it to my life and "I believe that He wants us to love others so much that we go to extremes to help him" -Francis Chan. I hope that there will be ways that I can help the people in my life.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Rainy Days

I love rainy days, but only when you can stay inside all day, making popcorn and hot chocolate and totally forgetting about the responsibilities of life while watching "The Holiday." Who wants to sit through boring classes after getting wet trying to make it on time? Why fall asleep in class, when you can sleep in your warm bed, listening to the rain fall. If its not apparent by the first couple of sentences, ya'll should know that it is raining in Statesboro, and is suppose to rain all day long.


I already want to skip my one pointless class of the day. I already have to talk myself into going every week because it is super boring and super long (3 hours of lecture), but today I might just talk myself out of it. I've been a good student so far, not skipped a class yet. But today I am totally feeling it. No class. An extended weekend. Also, I have yet to get started on school work this morning and I have a big list of junk to do. But who cares? It's a rainy monday.

So over the weekend, I tried so very hard to come up with interesting blog topics for all you avid readers out there. This was exactly what I was worried about; not knowing what to say, getting behind on posting, and having a boring blog. But I think I have some pretty good ideas, they are just not quite ready yet. Instead of just telling about my life or my day, I think these upcoming blogs may be a little more philosophical and insightful than the previous. However, that means it takes a little longer for me to write them because I have to straighten out all my thoughts. Anyways, for the big 3 people that follow this blog, ya'll are awesome and I love you! Please be patient and I hope to have some really awesome blogs coming up in the future.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

NICU and Babies

The though of actually committing to a unit at the hospital scares me and it means that I have to grow up. I know, you can always do a switch-er-roo if you don't like it, but I don't want to be bouncing around from unit to unit with no clue what I want to do. The worst part is, in school we only get a fraction of what is available to nurses as far as work experience. Maybe they just expect that we all want the absolute best learning experience and will work med-surg or ICU for a couple of years, but I know that not everyone wants to or will do that after they graduate.

I still am not sure whether or not I will work med-surg or something similar to it when I graduate. I really haven't planned past this semester. But, I finally feel like I have some sort of idea as to area I eventually want to go to.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU

Last week during clinicals, Maggie and I had a one-day experience in the NICU taking care of itty-bitty babies and I fell in love. These patients are the epitome of those who need care because they cannot care for themselves. I just love their little toes and fingers. It seems to have the right amount of excitement and stress, because these little ones are fighting for their lives, but also a very calming effect when you hold them in your arms, feed them, and change their tiny diapers. This does not mean that I am closed off to other ideas or new experiences. I am definitely looking to see how labor and delivery will suite me in this upcoming rotation (starting next week). I just want to enjoy what I do.

To blog or not to blog...

So I have been battling back and forth with myself for sometime now. Ever since my sis Hollie (holliemims.blogspot.com) showed me her fabulous blog, I totally wanted one of my own. You know how sibling rivalries go, you always want what the other one has. There was just one small problem....who in there right mind would truly want to read with me always complaining about nursing school and the tremendous amount of work it is or talking about frisbee and running a stack vs. a spread or throwing flicks and backhands? Seriously. I wouldn't. So I have wracked my brain with something to write about that either people could learn from or would be enjoyable.

I've come up with zilch. Nada. Nothing.

But, I figure it doesn't hurt to try, so we will see what comes bubbling to the surface today and if nothing else, maybe some friends will want to stay updated on my life :)

I must admit, I have been utterly lazy this semester compared with the past two. No more 8-10 page databases on my patients, no more 4-5 test per week. One test, a couple of papers...this semester is a breeze. But that is awesome, because without that break, I wouldn't have met so many wonderful people at Ultimate frisbee and I wouldn't have been able to go to an awesome tournament this past weekend with Fallout, the GSU Womens Club Ultimate Team.

We took an awesome trip to Charleston, SC and went up against Clemson, College of Charlestown and University of South Carolina. It was a great intro to tournaments for all of us "newbies" and we came away with a great record of 3 and 1. The picture does no justice to how tired we all were from playing from 9:30am to 5pm though. I'm not gonna lie, I could barely walk the next day :)

Well, I don't want to make this too long. It is the first post, and I don't want to seem like the rambler that I really am so I will talk about school and NICU babies next time :)