Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life is hectic

So I know, I know, I know...I'm a terrible blogger. I don't have time for this and when I do have time, its not exactly on the top of my priority list seeing as how I don't have a lot of followers or anything. But here I am and in order for this post to be a quick one, there probably won't be any pictures.

What have I been up to since January when I last posted, well school mostly. But I am very happy to report that all the exams are done, I'm going to pass all my classes and graduate with honors on May 8, 2010. I thought that things would slow down once all the classes were done, but now I feel more busy than ever.

Frisbee has been going on too. We placed third in our last tournament and score 32 points in a row. It was a great weekend in charleston with a bunch of amazing girls.

Sophie has been back and forth between my apartment and my mom's house. She is so sweet but man she cries so much. I will be very excited when she grows out of this phase and is more content.

Right now the main thing is preceptorship. For those of you who don't know, my preceptorship is kinda like an internship. I was paired with a nurse at the hospital and I shadow her for 120 hours, doing everything that she does (i.e. patient care, charting, reporting off, etc.). Let me tell you, it has been amazing and I would love to have a job where I am right now. I am currently in the pediatric intensive care unit and Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, GA. I love the nurses that work there and the patients that we take care of. Its not just the children, but the complexity of their illnesses that really challenges you to be a critical thinker. If not right away, I would love to work in PICU in the near future.

Speaking of work..I have a job interview today! I really hope that things go well today because this is a position that I would really like. It is at the same hospital that I currently work at as a nursing tech and also the hospital that I am preceptoring at. I'm nervous!

New Topic: Housing. I need a place to live. I fell in love with this one place, but someone else got it. I didn't feel secure enough to start signing papers without the guarantee of a job so I missed out. I hope I don't miss out on all the good places while I'm waiting to hear back from applications...

Well, that is my life right now in a nutshell. Wedding wise, there isn't much to report because nothing is really going on right now.