Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our stray..

This is our stray kitty...her favorite place to take an afternoon nap is under the carport. I couldn't get a closer picture without either switching lenses, or scaring away the cat. She's a mommy, sadly we sent her babies to the humane society to be adopted. Unfortunately, they won't take Mommy Kitty because she a wild woman :)

soon to of the new couch :D

Yard work

Today I got a lot done :) and it always feels really good when you have a great, productive day. This morning my wonderful neighbor drove me to Lowe's so that I could buy some lattice board to fix up the back deck so cats can't get under it. Then when I got back to the house, Duane was packing up the dishes and food so we could "fog" aka bomb the house for fleas. So we set off the three bombs and ran for our lives to the fresh air of the outdoors. Duane set off the cutting the lattice and I began trimming the hedges. We worked outside the whole time that the bombs were doing their business. No more little sprigs popping out of the front bushes and no more crazy vines climbing up the front wall. I should have taken before pictures, but I didn't really want everyone to see what it looked like before :)This is the cute little house that I live in! I trimmed the hedges myself and I am about to invest in a lawn mower..I'm so domesticated. hehe. Duane still has a little work to do with the lattice, but we won't hold that against him. I'm just glad he was willing. I also worked on the fence line (it use to be COVERED in ivy) and now there is just one small spot (were a wasp decided to take up residence). I cut some low lying branches and pulled weeds, it felt great!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


So this is basically going to be like a venting blog about fleas...If you know a good trick to get rid of them, please pass it on.

My yard is infested.

Yes, Sophie is an inside dog, but she has to go outside to use the bathroom. So every time I take her outside, she ends up with more fleas. I got to where I was bathing her everyday and using the flea treatments and spraying the furniture daily. Still, Sophie would scratch herself until she bled. It was horrible. Finally, I had to send Sophie to Mom's house so her skin could recover and she could heal and get a little relief.

Still. I have fleas in the yard. Its the stupid stray cats. I have never hated the strays until now, and I wish they were gone. They get up under the deck and lay around in my yard and bring fleas. Supposedly fleas cant live in direct sunlight so they must be coming from beneath the bushes and the deck.

I plan to bomb the house and the neighbor is going to spray under the deck and then we will reinforce the boards so the cats can't get back in. I spread some granular treatment in the yard. HOPEFULLY this will work. I've already spent so much money and stress on this. I just want the fleas gone so Sophie can come home!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


So I feel like I will actually have stuff to blog about in the next couple of months. There are so many projects to be done with furniture and the house that I can't wait to share. Among the future projects includes recovering the dining room chairs, hanging drapes/curtains throughout the house, painting the walls, painting my deck furniture... and so on. But, I haven't done any of those things yet so I will just tell you about moving in. It was super easy to move because I had lots-o-help from friends and family. Alyssa, her Dad, Aaron, and Duane helped me move stuff from the apartment, and then Mom drove here with my stuff from Augusta. It really only took about a day to get settled. Thanks everyone!!
Cookin' Time. Too bad you can't see in the picture, but on the opposite wall is the apron my sis gave me for christmas :)
Living room/Dining Room, Complete with a twin bed serving as a couch..just until Wednesday, then my new couch is coming! Thanks Mom!
Reading Corner and Closet
Master Bedroom..Complete with comforter from high school :)

Befores and Afters

Recently (July 23) I moved into a new house!! Not an apartment, not a townhouse, but an honest to goodness house, freestanding from any other buildings. So I got some pictures of the before and the after move-in.
Living room
Dining/living room
Spare Bedroom
Master bedroom

So there you have it..pre-move in pictures.
Along with moving in to a new house, I have started a new job :) As a Registered Nurse too!! I'll tell more about that later though.