Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Doterra, A review of sorts

So about a month ago I was getting a little desperate. I have been having problems with my feet since January of this year and frustration had started to set in. About 6 months into working nights I developed Plantar Fasciitis. I blame of combo of old stress/injury from so many years of softball, the incredible amount of walking needed as a nurse and the prolonged lack of sleep. I self diagnosed and was confirmed upon seeing my primary doc. Jump forward to August and months of advil, combos of heat/Ice, stretching, chiropractic care, ultrasound treatments, epson salt baths and even a switch over to dayshift and I'm still having this nagging pain. Strong enough that it keeps me awake at night, but light enough for me to go about my day with little to no bother. 

So in comes the voice of many claiming the wonders of essential oils. My interest was peaked and I was really ready to try anything to help and I heard about Deep Blue from Doterra. It's an oil blend made for sore muscles/aches and had received some pretty good reviews. Oils in general get mixed reviews for effectiveness, but like I said, I was desperate for some relief. I tried Deep Blue and was diligent for a month, every night at bedtime I would apply the oil. Much to my surprise, I actually saw some improvement. I had several weeks where I could fall asleep without having to take advil. This was monumental for me because I do not like nor do I want to have to take medicine all the time. There were some times, after particularly long days at work that I would have to take advil, but from daily to once or twice a week is a victory in my book. Deep Blue smells interesting. I don't think its a bad smell, but others may not like it as I liken it to a mix of grape cough syrup and bengay mixed together. Luckily, I was rubbing it on my feet so I didn't smell it for very long. I don't know if I will pay that much again (Dang Doterra, you're expensive), but it is definitely an option for me. 

I also tried and enjoyed a few other oils. I use the lemon oil mixed with water to clean my counters, stove and sink. It really cuts through grease/old dried food easily and leaves a lovely smell behind. I loved the lavender oil for sleeping. I fall asleep so much faster (even faster than when I was taking melatonin) and sleep better. It smells divine. I also have liked their digestzen blend, which I also have rubbed on my belly for heartburn and my feet for regularity. I won't go into details, but it smells like licorice and seemed to help me in more ways than one. 

So there you have it. That is/was my Doterra experience. I got nothing from them for this, I just thought I would share a few of my own experiences with essential oils.