Monday, May 3, 2010

Pictures to come soon!!

I do plan on having a blog very soon that actually has some pictures in it. It just requires a little more time than I am willing to put in right now. HOWEVER, I have taken lots of pictures so they will be here soon. Also, the plan is that I want to make a dish that everyone seems to love but I've never had the courage to make and I plan on documenting in pictures. :)

Preceptorship is done. It was amazing and I don't think I could've been placed with a better preceptor or in unit that I would have loved more. I learned so much and actually didn't mind getting up at 4:40am to get there. It was even ok when I had night shift and had to stay up all night and sleep during the day. Surprisingly, I slept from 9am until 5pm on the second day. Wow. Maybe night shift won't be so bad...

Second interview is today. After what felt like forever (but was really only about 9 days), I got a call back to schedule a second interview at Memorial for the Nursing Residency program. I'm not as nervous as I was before, but I'm sure it will come soon.

Hollie and Jordan are coming this week!! oh and I'm graduating too. Lots coming up...Interview today, Kat's Birthday tomorrow, Mom's birthday Wednesday, Alyssa and Aaron's engagement party thursday, Pinning ceremony friday, Graduation saturday... Lots of pictures to take :) Will post soon..I hope. :)