Sunday, July 26, 2015

My final thoughts on Plano, TX

After spending 13 weeks in the city of Plano, Duane and I have both come up with opinions on what we thought of the city. First off, it's a great place. We met a ton of friendly people, the staff at the hospital welcomed me as one of their own right off the bat and it was a lot harder leaving that job than what I had expected. I could never thank the staff for how generous they were and how awesome it was to have friends at work.
There is a lot to do there and I felt quite safe while I was there. It was easy to feed my shopping addiction and Duane and I ate so much delicious food while we were in Texas. Duane and I were very impressed with the high quality Indian food that was available and also both got the chance to eat home cooked Indian food as well. Food = amazing.
We were also very lucky to get involved with Watermark Church while we were there. We listened to Francis Chan speak and were able to worship along with Shane and Shane. The messages were always powerful and relevant and definitely helped us to grow during this experience.
On the flipside, Plano was very commercialized. Unless you wanted to eat food that wasn't "American" then almost every place was a chain. There were very few mom and pop shops to learn to love and support. The lack of variety and individuality got old quickly and didn't make us want to hang around. Also, it's fairly flat in that portion of Texas so there wasn't much available in the realm of hiking/backpacking. We did a few fun things, like six flags and outlet shopping, but mostly we just worked.
So the verdict was, not for us. We enjoyed our time there but we were excited for a new adventure whenever that time came.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


I got into a rhythm in Plano and it didn't include blogging. Unfortunately I was on call a lot during my last few weeks of my assignment which meant I had a lot of time and nothing to do. There just wasn't a lot going on as far as reportable or blog-able activities. I was also stressed about finding assignment #2 and trying to decide what to do during the interim time because I had a week off between my assignments. But now we are in week one of our second assignment (after several bumps along the road) and I feel like I can breath again. I'm ready to get settled into my new job and make some new friends along the way.
So just a heads up for upcoming topics...
-visit to my sister, bro-in-law and their adorable kiddos
-the Nashville detour
-many many hours in the car (yeesh)
-final thoughts on Plano, TX
-medical solutions and the ups and downs of travel nursing so far
-First impression of Madison, WI

The order might be moved around, some topics might be combined, but I hope to get everyone up-to-speed in the next week or so. Sorry about the hiatus.