Friday, March 15, 2013

The Eyes of a Child

Isn't it wonderful to look at life through the eyes of a child? Filled with wonder and excitement around every corner? Always inquisitive and earnestly trying to figure out the world and how things work. It is really inspiring and something I've actually gotten to do the last couple of weeks and it has definitely changed the way I look at my Bible, if nothing else. 

Lemme back up a bit. So since mid-december, a new church called Compassion Christian Church was launched in Statesboro and Duane and I have been blessed enough to be apart of it from the get-go. Next thing we know, my awesome and wonderful friend Crystal is their new Children's Director (she's awesome by the way!). Of course, she weasels her way in and next thing I know, not only am I helping set-up for services every Saturday morning, but I am also leading a kids small group. Never in my mind did I see myself teaching children in any fashion or shape or form. 

Now sure, I had people tell me growing up, "You'll make such a fantastic teacher one day!" While in the back of my mind...I'm saying "yeah right!" I always said that teaching was something I would never do. God got a good laugh out of that I am sure :)

So we are almost there. The Point, that is. 

So here I am, coming in every Saturday and Sunday, teaching this girls 2nd-5th grade small group during the first service, attending service number two and heading home. Wellllll, God had something more in store for me yet. 

You see, we have a fair amount of children who's parents serve as volunteers during a service, then attend a service. The problem with that is there children were starting to get very bored sitting through the same program and small group twice. It actually was starting to hinder the program because they wouldn't participate and were bringing down the morale in the group. That's not good. Not good at all. 

So Crystal (via the divine inspiration of God) knows that something has to be done and decided that I should be the awesome person to do it. So now, each week I attend service number one and serve in service number two by taking these "repeaters" and digging deeper. It is AWESOME!! 

I have to totally rely on God to provide me with material to talk about and He has done that and then some. Every time I open my bible, I read something that I want those kids to learn and know about Jesus. I find verse after verse that I want them to have as their weekly memory verse so they will know the promises of God deep in the hearts. I am excited to see them each week and to help them grow and understand what being a believer in Christ is all about and how that effects our lives and how we should live them. It's helping me see the Bible, worship and prayer through new eyes, and with a new excitement. 

Who knew that I would enjoy teaching? God did.